2022-2023 Season

Four Seasons


Palmetto City Ballet’s season opener is a celebration of music and movement. The program opens with Dvorak’s American String Quartet. This composition was inspired by folk music and the picturesque landscapes of early America, and that is represented visually through the classical technique of our talented artists.  Original choreography paired with this classic score will bring our “amber waves of grain” and “purple mountain’s majesty” alive as poetry in motion. Closing the program is the world premiere of “Four Seasons”, choreographed to the iconic Vivaldi score. Four vignettes bring this music to life showing us that the seasons always change, and so do we.

October 8 & 9, 2022



Palmetto City Ballet brings to life an all-new Charleston Nutcracker to premiere this holiday season.  This classic tale gets an original twist with a dash of Lowcountry flare.  A young girl with a big imagination goes on a magical journey filled with menacing shadows, dancing snowflakes, gumdrops, and sugarplums.  This unique retelling will leave you with a big smile and a warmed heart as we all will remember that no gift in the world is more important than the love of family.  Exquisite new sets and costumes will light up the stage along with over 100 children from the greater Charleston community to share their talents with the renowned professional artists of Palmetto City Ballet.  This truly is a celebration of the season for the Lowcountry.  

December 16 – 18, 2022



The classic Hans Christian Anderson tale takes to the Sottile stage. Go on a thrilling adventure with the smallest of girls, Thumbelina, to distant lands with a cast of silly creatures that she meets along the way. Fitting in or finding your way is never an easy task but with some patience the answers seem to come to you. A tenderly compiled score by Sandra Nikolajevs and imaginative sets will capture the magic of this classic story where finding your true love is always possible and where every fairy eventually gets their wings. Music by Dvorak, Mozart, Respighi, Schubert, and Schumann.

March 11 – 12, 2023