Studio Policies


  1. All students must maintain proper dress code for all classes. Dancers must wear Solid Class Color with hair securely in bun (ballet) or off face for adjunct classes.
  2. If dress code is broken more than once a semester, the student will not be permitted to participate in class and will be asked to observe class.
  3. No warmups are allowed after plies.
  4. Skirts are only allowed in pointe and variations classes. N0 Shorts in Ballet Class.
  5. No jewelry including watcheds can be worn in class except earrings of appropriate length or studs.
  6. Dancers are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 2 ballet technique class to be eligible for pointe.
  7. All students taking pointe class must take a ballet class immediately preceding.
  8. Pointe shoes must be brought in to technique class if you are enrolled in a pointe class after. Pointe shoes are put on in the studio not the dressing rooms.


  1. Palmetto City Ballet School will not be responsible for injury or illness.
  2. PCB School is a place for dance instruction. Students being dropped off for classes are required to participate in class or observe.
  3. All students will be evaluated by the PCB School staff and assigned level placement based upon ability, age and experience.
  4. Proper dance education requires that the teacher touch the student during class to correct placement and movement when needed.
  5. To be eligible for acceptance into Palmetto City Broadway  you must be enrolled in a Jazz technique class.
  6. To be eligible for acceptance into Palmetto City Youth Ballet you must be enrolled in a minimum of 2 ballet technique classes and 1 pointe class (if applicable to age)


  1. Anyone arriving 15 minutes after class begins, will observe class unless given permission by the teacher.
  2. Excused absences include: illness, injury, mandatory school activities, and family emergencies or extenuating circumstances
  3. Make-Up Classes may be taken in the current or following month for a missed class for all excused absences.
  4. Any student with more than three (3) unexcused absences in a class after January 1st will not be permitted to participate in the recital performance.
  5. No dancer will be permitted to miss dress rehearsal for the recital and still perform – no exceptions will be made.


  1. Tuition payment is due by the 5th of each month; there will be a $30 penalty for late payment. Any student whose account remains unpaid will not be allowed to attend classes in the subsequent month until the balance is paid.
  2. All monthly tuition payments are non-refundable except in the case of injury or major illness and requires a Doctor’s letter certifying ill health. Annual fees can be credited toward future classes by 15%, of the months missed. 
  3. Anyone altering enrollment or not able to be in the recital must inform the office by December 1st or they will be responsible for all applicable costume and theater fees.
  4. All enrolled are required to provide a valid credit card on file as a default payment for all tuitions and fees. Check and cash payments are also excepted and can be noted on your file as the preferred method of payment. All past due balances will be charged to the card provided.
  5. A Withdraw Fee will apply to anyone leaving during the course of a semester, to be calculated based on our discounted monthly tuition that is applied under the basis of a 9 month period.


  1. Palmetto City Ballet School must be contacted by email to be informed of official withdrawal from the school. Without notice of withdrawal all absences will be deemed unexcused and monthly tuitions and applicable fees will continue to be due and charged.